Pressure Washing

Give your home a bath with professional pressure washing services.

Pressure washing is a great way to restore and maintain the exterior surfaces around your home.  Mold, dirt, and mildew build up over time leaving your surfaces looking dingy, drab and even unsafe to walk on.


Before you make some major changes to your home’s exterior, consider hiring us!  The dullness you’re seeing may simply be due to the grime and dirt that has collected on the outside of your house.

House Washing: A soft touch wash that is safe for all types of siding.

If you want your home to look it's best,our low-pressure, soft washing process can safely remove unsightly algae and mold off of your siding. This process is safe to use on all types of siding: vinyl, stucco, Hardiplank, painted wood and more.

The solutions that we use are key in terms of removing the algae and mold from your home and preventing it from coming back immediately. Mildew isn’t only unsightly, it also can cause expensive and extensive damage to your home's exterior over time through decay.

Using high pressure may remove the mold cheaply, but you run a high risk of damaging your siding. Our soft washing solution is specifically designed gently to remove mold and algae effectively from porous surfaces. For this reason, we use a low-pressure soft washing process approved by the American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Siding Institute.

Pressure Washing: Brighten all of your exterior surfaces

Driveways, sidewalks, decks and just about any exterior surface can be cleaned with our system. Pressure washing outdoor surfaces can dramatically enhance the look of your biggest investment, your home. You'll spend more time with family and friends in a clean and safe setting.
Paver stones, wood and composite decks do require a soft wash in order to be effectively cleaned. Our unique solution-based process will transform your outdoor living area gently and safely. Using the incorrect pressure and solution can cause irreparable damage or allow the mold to come back prematurely.

Consider us before hiring a contractor!

Before you make some major changes to your home's exterior, consider investing in pressure washing services. The dullness you're seeing may simply be due to the grime and dirt that has collected on the outside of your house. You will save time and money if this is the case.

Why Choose Us Everytime!

No pressure washing company cleans like we do..

  • Over 100 hours of employee training
  • Most advance cleaning systems
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Uniformed teams
  • Background checks
  • Fully Insured

Watch your Step

A surface that is green or black with mold can be extremely slippery especially when wet. This is a real fall hazard. By using the correct pressure cleaning methods by our trained technicians, we can make the outdoors a safe and healthy place to be.

Our Process

You’ll be happy to know our cleaning process of your house and surfaces will leave them sparkling like new. The secret is not just due to our unique cleaning solution, but it is how we are trained to make sure the windows come out great.

Our technicians will treat your property like their own!

Let's Get Cleaning!
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Hear From Our Customers

Labor Panes cleaned our gutters. They did good work and were thorough. Very friendly and they communicated exactly what they would be doing. When there was a delay to the originally scheduled service, they were quick and fair with rescheduling.

Martha G.Charlotte, NC

Labor Panes have cleaned our gutters and windows for years now. Their people are always courteous and professional. They arrived on time, cleaned the gutters removing all of the debris, and did their work quickly.

Tom C.Charlotte, NC

Great service, very responsive. Washed off the mildew from our siding. Will use next year.

Patricia B.Belmont, NC

They showed up on time and cleaned the windows as requested. They were very polite and nice young men.

Cathy S.Fort Mill, SC

Came promptly during scheduled appointment and cleaned gutters and replace security light bulbs. Very efficient. Recommend.

Ed C.Matthews, NC

I have used this company for several years to clean my gutters and do some power washing. They always do a good job and clean up after themselves.

Lynn K.Waxhaw, NC
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