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Pressure Washing and Soft Touch House Washing are both methods of cleaning and restoring various substrates and surfaces, namely more delicate substrates on the exterior of a home or building.

Soft Washing originated in Florida back in the early 1980's. Initially it was conceived as a new and more efficient way of cleaning asphalt shingled roofs, however, since the early days, it has been further developed and is now a method of cleaning and restoring many other substrates and surfaces around a home or commercial property.

Soft Washing was developed to eradicate the damage which was being caused by power washing machinery and equipment when cleaning asphalt shingles. Power Washing Shingles was caused the small limestone particles present in the roof shingles to dislodge and enter the guttering system, leading to premature failure of the roofing structure.

Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions began to be used first to break down and loosen the black and green algae, moss, lichen and general dirt and grime and subsequently, it eliminated the need for the potentially damaging use of High-Pressure Water Cleaning methods which were in popular use at the time.

After news of the these pioneering and highly effective methods spread across the United States and the rest of the world, it became the only method recommended to clean not only Asphalt Shingles, but many other substrates as well. Substrates including Vinyl and Aluminum Siding, Gutters & Downspouts, Bricks, Sandstone, Limestone, Wood and Decking materials, Some Concrete Areas and many others.

Soft Washing is not only safer; it is much more efficient at treating and killing off a range of micro-organisms which thrive in porous substrates such as those mentioned above.

A specialty blend of cleaning agents is applied to the substrate being cleaned and adequate dwell time is given, so the micro-organisms such as moss, algae, mold, and mildew are effectively killed off deep in the porous of the material. This is something Power Washing is not able to do.

Once the micro-organisms have been treated and killed, low-pressure water can be used to gently rinsed the solution and dead spores away. This method has eliminated the potential for damage, retards the regrowth of algae, moss and other micro-organisms, it is not toxic and environmentally friendly.

Fast forward to today, Soft Washing is the preferred method of the Professional Power Washing industry to clean the exterior of homes, buildings, roofs and many other areas.

Soft Washing is also used to clean concrete ground areas as the method is the same as it is to clean roofs or other delicate substrates. It is particularly used in areas that are regularly maintained and perhaps not heavily soiled with dirt and other contaminants. A light spraying of a suitable cleaning agent is applied to concrete areas, which kills off any deeply embedded spores and retards their regrowth.

But among both power washing and soft washing techniques, you should know which one is a better choice. So, have a look at the following important facts and discover on your own:

What Is a Soft Washing Technique?

Soft washing is a gentle, non-abrasive and highly efficient procedure to clean delicate surfaces without applying high pressure. With the combination of right detergents and low pressure, this technique can 100% kill mildew, mold, and algae, by leaving the surface glittering and unharmed.

Usually, a soft wash technique includes special, low-pressure nozzles at the end of a pressure washing gun. That's combined with a biodegradable chemical to remove elements of mold, algae, dirt, pollen, and moss like stains without damaging home surfaces or killing your plants.

Basics Of Soft Washing Services

The soft washing services use a softer pressure, less than 1000 PSI and rely more on the right detergent types and proper dwell time to get a perfect cleaning of surfaces. After the dwell time is passed, the surface can be rinsed thoroughly with low pressure. Remember one important thing that the soft washing services can be safe and effective on all types of surfaces and applied to most areas of your home.

Basics Of Power Washing Services

As compared to soft washing services, the power washing services use high pressure to achieve cleanliness of a surface. In this procedure, the pressure washing wand drives out water at a rate of 2500 PSI or more (Pounds Per Square Inch), which is a great option to get the most stains out of concrete and extremely hard surfaces like brick and all stone types. However, power washing services may cause damage to the delicate surfaces. It can impact paint from wood siding, remove the granules from your roof shingles, dent vinyl panels and destroy window screens.

Whenever you plan to power wash or soft wash your property, the most important thing you should do is to choose the best pressure washing service crew and soft washing service crew to do the job. They have highly trained technicians, who can able to determine how much pressure should be applied, which cleaning agent or detergent to be used on which stain and how to rinse them thoroughly, giving your home an efficient and long-lasting clean.

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Cleaning on the Outside

Pressure washing is a great way to restore the exterior surfaces around your home. Mold, dirt, and mildew build up over time leaving your surfaces looking dingy, drab and even unsafe to walk on.

Soft Touch House Washing: Safe for all types of siding - vinyl, stucco, hardiplank, painted wood, brick and much more. Click here to learn more...

Many customers originally call us to prep the house for a paint job, but after cleaning realize that they really did not need a paint job in the first place! Our low-pressure, soft washing process can safely remove unsightly algae and mold off of your siding. This process is safe to use on all types of siding: vinyl, stucco, hardiplank, painted wood and more.

Why does our process clean your siding so well?

The solutions that we use are key in terms of removing the algae and mold from your home and preventing it from coming back immediately. Using high pressure may remove the mold cheaply, but you run high risk of damaging your siding. Our soft washing solution is specifically designed gently remove mold and algae effectively from porous surfaces.

Can pressure washing damage my house?

Yes! High pressure is not safe to use on any type of siding. For this reason, we use a low-pressure soft washing process approved by American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Siding Institute.

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Surface Cleaning: Driveways, sidewalks, outdoor living spaces - We have you covered with safe and effective products and methods. Click here to learn more...

Pressure washing outdoor surfaces can dramatically enhance the look of your biggest investment, your home. You'll spend more time with family and friends in a clean and safe setting.

Effectiveness of Labor Panes Pressure Washing

Our proprietary, state of the art system cleans better and more evenly than other methods. Concrete, brick and stone surfaces can be cleaned using our system.

Concrete Sealing

Preserve your patios and driveways with one of our high performance sealants. Extend the life of your surface and keep it looking great for years to come.

Paver Stone Cleaning: Paver stones are a great addition to your outdoor living area. They do require maintenance. Click here to learn more...

Dirt, grime, mold etc. can build up causing paver stones look dingy and possibly make it slippery. Our unique solution based process will transform your outdoor living area gently and safely.

DIY Dangers:

Just pulling out a pressure washer can create irreparable damage. Pavers are not rated and designed to withstand high pressure.

Wood & Composite Deck Cleaning: We use an earth friendly Earth deck cleaner and method is safe for wood and composite surfaces. Our deck and dock cleaning process will eliminate mold and mildew restoring the wood to like new condition. Click here to learn more...

Not all cleaners are equal.

Using the incorrect pressure and solution can cause irreparable damage or allow the mold/mildew come back prematurely. The solution does the deep cleaning, no high pressure is used.

Deck Cleaning Facts

  • -Most deck cleaning solutions offered are not sufficient in removing mold/mildew.
  • -Our process works on composite decks, docks, IPE, and select exoctic hardwoods.

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Hear from Our Customers

They arrived on time and completed cleaning the gutters in a safe and thorough manner. We have hired for them to wash our driveway and to clean outside windows since. These people are sharp and worthy of your consideration. They are really good.

Vincent D.Mount Pleasant, SC

The guys were efficient, arrived early and were very professional. They cleaned the gutters, blew leaves off the roof, patio and driveway. A great job!!

Judy C.North Charleston, SC

They cleaned my windows inside and out and pressure washed some of our decks. Nate was very professional and responded to my request quickly. His crew did a great job and they were all polite and hard workers.

Allison B.Sullivan's Island, SC

This was an unbelievably good experience with this company. Nate Van Valkenburg and his crew were the ultimate professionals. Came on time. Took off their shoes when they came in the house.Did all the inside of the windows at one time, so I could go run errands. Washed part of garage even though that was not part of the deal. And they cleaned up after they were through. You could not ASK for a better experience, better service and nicer people.

Roger C.Charleston, SC

We could not be more thrilled with how beautiful our house now looks, and with how professional the team was.

Suzy F.Clemmons, NC

Fence had mold and mildew growth and my siding needed pressure washing including my screen patio area. Pete and the crew arrived on time and they did a superior job on my windows as well.

Amos P.Winston-Salem, NC

Great experience. I will use them again and have already recommended them to family who also used them for window cleaning and were thrilled. Great value and care of my belongings while servicing my home.

Jerry B.Kernersville, NC

Cleaned windows inside and out and pressure washed. Great work. Will call next year.

Maria M.Advance, NC

The quality was excellent. The owner and his team were very polite, professional and did an excellent job.

Alison D.Winston-Salem, NC

Wow - three young pros, who know what they are doing, work efficiently, make sure nothing else is touched and do a wonderful job in no time. They were punctual, willing to change the dates when it seemed like it was going to rain.

Bob B.Winnabow, NC

Great job! I'd use them again in a heartbeat!

Jessica B.Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Great. They showed up on time in both the fall and spring. There was no mess. I thought the gutter mess would be on my yard or deck, but that was not the case. Everything was very clean.

Marie J.Bolivia, NC

Went excellent. Power washed the house and drive. Extremely professional, excellent job.

Garret P.Leland, NC

The gentleman than owns the business is very responsive and professional. The workers showed up on time. They were easy to work with. Cleaned our windows and gutters. They were very agreeable and worked quickly and did an excellent job.

Greg H.Wilmington, NC

Excellent service. Personable workers. Prompt communication. Cleaned windows and washed our siding. Came out great. Would use again.

Lynette C.Southport, NC

Great, they arrived on time and were very courteous. They did the work quickly and effectively. The house looks great and there was no mess left behind. Great Experience!

Chris T.Raleigh, NC

The crew was right on time. Called ahead to advise us of their arrival time. Went right to work. Used ladders to clean windows which we liked. They did a very good job and we shall have them come back in the future.

Mary J.Raleigh, NC

Excellent Service. Everyone that I had contact with was courteous and professional. Highly recommend them.

Mary D.Raleigh, NC

Loved them. Prompt, good communication and professional. Asked them to replace some bulbs in my motion sensors. Cleaned all my gutters and I have a pretty big home. didn't try and charge me extra. Yes, I'd definitely recommend them.

Jane L.Raleigh, NC

It is a large house with a large number of windows. They were aces! I've never seen anything like them. The team was made up of 4 or 5 guys. They worked well together. It was excellent work! They were super professional. I will be using them again. It took them a day and a half to do the work.

Derek B.Cornelius, NC

Very pleased with the results. Even though they were running behind slightly, i received a call to let me know that morning. I had a rust stain they were able to remove which was a huge relief as it looked really bad. My gutters are very high and they I were able to reach them. I will plan on using them for other projects.

John P.Cornelius, NC

Cleaning window inside and outside and power washing window sills and gutter cleaning. They were nice and respectful of my plants. I will definitely have them back next year.

Patricia F.Mooresville, NC

Cleaned all gutters. Did a good job.

James L.Concord, NC

They were super-professional and did a great job, including pointing out a repair we need in one gutter. They also did our windows and will definitely use them again in the future as I was very impressed by their work.

Staci R.Denver, NC

Very professional. Provided written quote, showed up on time, he and his crew did the work the following day. No issues.

Vicky T.Summerfield, NC

My husband and I cannot say enough nice things about their diligent work ethic. The results of their labor have made us both very happy and we told everyone we know about him and his company. The crews commitment to our satisfaction made a great impression on us.

Heather K.Greensboro, NC

Very well. Used them previously for pressure washing the entire house, including deck areas. Very professional and hard working. Highly recommend Pete and his crew.

Jerry B.Oak Ridge, NC

Excellent. Took his time to ensure that the job was done right!

Chuck Y.Greensboro, NC

Very well, workers were polite and respectful. Did a great job.

Sean M.Durham, NC

Team did great. punctual answered email immediately. I bought a coupon deal and then added in additional windows. I have high peaks on my house and the team did a great job of getting all windows spotless!

Angela K.Hillsborough, NC

Had our house, deck and driveway powerwashed and our windows cleaned. Everything was great.

Tim B.Apex, NC

Windows inside and out and gutters...excellent job.

Ellen J.Chapel Hill, NC

I have used this company for several years to clean my gutters and do some power washing. They always do a good job and clean up after themselves.

Lynn K.Waxhaw, NC

Came promptly during scheduled appointment and cleaned gutters and replace security light bulbs. Very efficient. Recommend.

Ed C.Matthews, NC

They showed up on time and cleaned the windows as requested. They were very polite and nice young men.

Cathy S.Fort Mill, SC

Great service, very responsive. Washed off the mildew from our siding. Will use next year.

Patricia B.Belmont, NC

Labor Panes have cleaned our gutters and windows for years now. Their people are always courteous and professional. They arrived on time, cleaned the gutters removing all of the debris, and did their work quickly.

Tom C.Charlotte, NC

I highly recommend Tyler and his company Labor Panes (Now, The Go To Crew). He called and came out to give me an estimate the following day. Tyler and his workmen are extremely professional and pleasant to be around. Everything glistens! My chandeliers have never looked so good! I will definitely use them again....

Susan P.Charlotte, NC

They are the most professional window cleaners I’ve ever used. Everything was put back the same way it was before they started the job. Each crew that has been to my home takes so much pride in their work and they do such a great job. They are respectful, professional and overall just awesome....

Dana C.Charlotte, NC

Labor Panes cleaned our gutters. They did good work and were thorough. Very friendly and they communicated exactly what they would be doing. When there was a delay to the originally scheduled service, they were quick and fair with rescheduling.

Martha G.Charlotte, NC
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